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Naka Ward Town News

Naka Ward Town News

Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges

Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges

Multi-Cultural Festival

Naka-ku Tabunka Festa (Naka Ward Multi-Cultural Festival)

Naka Ward Multi-Cultural Festival 2019

      ~The Day You Meet the World~

“Nakaku Tabunka Festa”  is a multi-cultural festival for both Japanese and non-Japanese people living in Naka Ward and in the surrounding areas.  You will have many exciting cultural exchange experiences at this event.  Please join and take part in the program to meet the world!

Date : 29th September 2019 (Sun)  11:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Place : Yokohama City Port Opening Maemorial Hall (1 minute walk from Exit 1 of Nihon-odori station on the Minatomirai Line, 10-minutes walk from Exit 1 of Kannai station of the Yokohama Municipal Subway, 10-minutes walk from the South Exit of Kannai station of the Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi JR lines.) )

Admission Fee : Free

Scheduled Programs

1. Stage  program@Auditorium: Screening of a video movie, created by young students with foreign background.

2. World Foods : Sale of international cuisines

3. Sale of Fair Trade Products

4. . Exhibition : Drawings, Shodo writing, Photo etc. of Non-Japanese students

5. International Exchange booth : Interact with non-Japanese people through quizzes related to foreign cultures

6. Introduction of Citizen group, Ethnic group etc. in Naka Ward

7. Programs for children : Playing games, Challenging quizzes etc.

8. Fun-Raffels and others


Collaboration : Naka-Ward Community Activity Center

Click here to see the flyer

Contact:Naka International Lounge

Tel:045-210-0667      Fax:045-224-8343

e-mail : nakalounge@yoke. or. Jp

Address : 1st floor of Naka Ward Office Annex, Nihon Odori 35, Naka-ku, Yokohama


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Multi-Cultural Festival Multi-Cultural Festival Multi-Cultural Festival
Multi-Cultural Festival Multi-Cultural Festival Multi-Cultural Festival