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Naka Ward Town News

Naka Ward Town News

Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges

Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges


Information Provided

We provide non-Japanese citizens with information related to daily living in English and Chinese.

Support for Japanese Learners

We provide the following programs for Japanese learning and teaching.

  1. Naka International Lounge Japanese Language Class more
  2. Brush Up Seminar for Teachers
  3. Consultation on Japanese Teaching for Teachers

Support Programs for Foreign Students

We provide a support system for local Naka Ward public junior high schools. Our voluntary staff help foreign students study Japanese and other subjects every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.



International Understanding Programs

1. We hold 3 international seminars a year to promote cross-cultural understanding. Lectures are given on various topics by local international groups or foreigners in Naka Ward.

2. Naka Ward Multi-Cultural Festival in December

Programs With the Community

We serve as a cross-cultural base to carry out diverse activities that help deepen citizens’ understanding of different cultures and life styles.